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Enjoy a preview of weddings from the Pixel Magix Studio collection, with a few updates of our busy family of eight included for a laugh.

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Thanks to ENVY for our wedding picture from our incredibly romantic and totally sneaky elopement on 20.10.2010.

Paul and Jennifer | “Crush” couple portrait at Brookleigh Equestrian Estate, Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia

Brookleigh Estate is nestled amongst boutique wineries and roadside market gardens in pretty Swan Valley, north of Perth.  Wandering along manicured saw dust paths, bordered by clean, white fences – it was difficult to believe this quiet and peaceful scene of horses and riders, jodhpurs and boots and roses and hedges was actually in Perth and not an English county village.

Paul and Jennifer are celebrating their wedding celebration at Brookleigh next month, after a ceremony at the equally stunning Hidden Gardens at Caversham House. Choosing two perfect locations may be attributed to Jennifer’s parents – Chris and Anne – being the successful and award winning photographers of A&C Photography in Perth.

Chris confessed to us – in a perfect world – he would love to photograph his beautiful daughter’s wedding. But like all experienced and knowing photographers, Chris and Anne know all too well the importance of parents being captivated by the emotion and happiness of their child’s wedding day, instead of experiencing the viewfinder of the back of the camera. So they trusted us to capture this wonderful and happy event on their behalf.

An “unplugged wedding” is no longer a new concept and wedding blogs and magazines are assisting couples with advice on how this is achievable. This article by Offbeat Bride is a perfect example. Last year I posted this photo of two lovely Mums at a beautiful ceremony where the entire front row of parents and grandparents were minus cameras and the comments which followed on the post were very interesting.

Most photographers, us included, could compile multiple books of images showing ipads in the aisle, uncle Bob on the altar or Grandpop looking at the back of his new camera during the kiss. When planning with your celebrant, or compiling your invitations, or printing your ceremony programmes; the idea of an “unplugged wedding” is a possible consideration for your wedding day.

Paul and Jennifer, and delicious baby Ethan, we are so excited for your wedding next month. Perfect locations, perfect autumn light, and absolutely no pressure from fabulous photographer parents :)



Dennis and Lucia | Autumn Wedding at Wills Domain Winery, Yallingup Western Australia

A hot blooded Brazilian tattoo artist falls in love with a fiery, beautiful Italian hairdresser.

Preview a handful of stunning images from a late afternoon wedding at Wills Domain prior to the complete story posting on the blog very soon.

Be warned … the celebrations included the hottest band in like ever; Sambalicicous, a Brazilian goddess dancing the Samba wearing not much more than gold paint, 5 delicious, smiling children in the bridal party, a glistening Harley, enough inked bodies to fill an art gallery and some photographer woman utilising crazy, wild hand and body gestures to break the no-english language barrier … all during what felt like seven and half minutes to complete portraits in the fading April light :)